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Traditional pickles

Special post for Heather Bullard from http://heatherbullard.com/ very inspire blog. I want share with her my family secrets recipe.
Traditional pickles

Depending on how big vessel u have need to 1 or 2 kg cucumbers.
Fennel, garlic, horseradich root, few seeds of sharlock and leaf of grape (not necessary) For every 1 liter of water need 1 spoon on salt.
I place cucmbers layers, beetwen them insert a spices and flood hot water with salt. After one day are a hard and crunchy, if insert them to jars and boil they can be all winter season. They have specific taste, very acid.

"Devil" cucumbers

2,5 kg  cucumbers
0,5 kg   sugar
5-6 spoons oil
3 full spoons spicy paprika chili (more or less if u dont like very spicy)
4 full spoons sweet red paprika
375 ml (1,5 cup) vinegar
4 full spoon salt
2,5 garlic bulb

Vinegar, sugar and oil boiled.

Cut cucumbers to fours pieces without peel and sprinkle a salt and leave to 6 hours, after this time spill a juice. The next sprinkle a paprika, garlic cut to slice and flood cooler vinegar+sugar+oil and leave for next 12 hours. Mix beetwenwhiles. Insert everything to jars  and boil to 5 minutes.

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  1. oj, jak miło patrzeć na bloga bez udawania, gdzie ma być domowo, twórczo, prawdziwie, jednocześnie inspirująco:)

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